Angels Grace Continues to Grow

I’m Traci Miliauskas-Varak administrator of Angels Grace hospice. I was lucky enough to start with patient one and family one. And I’ve worked my way through all of the career paths that I could. Honestly, I’ve seen extreme growth. We now have multiple teams. We have many case managers, many CNHS. We have many social workers and chaplains and volunteers. The growth has been tremendous. Um, and we’ve kept up with that growth and kept up with the quality. I think our growth has a lot to do with our reputation in the community. Uh, if we have a patient or a resident or a family member, word of mouth has been super successful for us. Um, we get into certain facilities and we get one opportunity to make a difference. We do. And then we end up being the primary hospice that the community uses. Um, same with some of the hospital affiliations that were with even against their own hospices, because of the quality of care we provide because of the communication that we have with our patients and families and facilities, with our response time, both to initial referral and on call response time, the availability of our nursing staff, um, the frequencies of our visits. It is a way of life for most of us. It is a culture. Angels Grace is a family. We treat our patients and their families as our family, and that has not changed in the last eight years.