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What is Hospice Care?

Transcript: Oftentimes family members will ask, “Why hospice now?” Hospice in itself is a very intimidating word and families oftentimes have mixed emotions when approached about hospice services. Hospice is appropriate for someone who is facing an end of life type situation, um, or they’ve been given a diagnosis either, …

Benefits of Hospice


Hospice is covered by Medicare and private insurances. We work on Medicare benefit periods. Once you’re deemed eligible for hospice, it’s an ongoing evaluation of your hospice care needs and qualifications. We do accept private insurance and we follow the same guidelines that Medicare puts forward. There are no out of pocket costs for hospice care. We either bill Medicare directly or your private insurance, and we do not bill for the additional co-payments for hospice care. In addition to your care from a team, a team of nurses, physicians, nursing assistants, social workers, chaplains volunteer, that’s all incorporated into what is covered by hospice care. In addition to that, we have equipment. So specialty equipment that you may need; a special bed oxygen, a special wheelchair, special recliner, those items are also covered within that hospice benefit medications. So if you’re on certain medications that are related to your hospice diagnosis, those are also covered by your hospice benefit, whether it’s Medicare or private insurance and supplies, personal care items, briefs, mouth swabs, pads for the bed. Um, certain mitts or wound care supplies is all covered by hospice.