Angels Grace Hospice & Palliative Care, Illinois

Continuing Education

Education CEU/In-service available with AGH Staff – *Available via ZOOM

  1. When is Comfort Care Appropriate for your Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients?
  2. Cognitive, Physical, Behavioral & Social Aspects of Dementia
  3. Pain Assessment and Treatment for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients
  4. Pain Jeopardy
  5. Hospice 101
  6. When is Hospice Care Appropriate for Patients?
  7. Fall Risk/Prevention (In-service Only)
  8. My Resident is Declining… Now what?

Education/Presentations available with Joy Klein – *Available via Zoom

  1. Grief in the Workplace: Balancing healthy grieving with job productivity
  2. Restore Joy at Work: Calm productivity in the midst of grief chaos and stress
  3. Restore Joy at work:  Mindset strategies to transcend staffing challenges and staff turnover
  4. Restore Joy at Work: When your team is in disarray
  5. Restore Joy at Work: Job Satisfaction in the Midst of Grief, Chaos and Stress

Presentations available with Elements – *Available via Zoom

  1. Advanced Directives Gone Wrong
  2. Advanced Directives… the basics
  3. Medicaid Basics
  4. In with the Old & Out with the New: What is new in cremation & funeral planning?
  5. Guardianship & Competency
  6. Getting the Conversation Started
  7. Cultural, Ethnic & Diversity Differences in End-of-Life Plans
  8. Cultural, Ethnic & Diversity Differences in Disposition Plans
  9. The Role of Social Media at Death: The importance for famililes & professionals
  10. Veteran’s Benefits
  11. The Newest Generation of Decision Makers for Care & End-of-Life: the Millennials
  12. The Cremation Process
  13. What Happens When Someone Dies