10 Facts About Hospice

10 Facts About Hospice

Hospice is not a place it’s high quality medical care that helps the patient and family caregivers focus on comfort and quality of life.

Hospice is paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, most insurance plans, HMO’s, and managed care plans. Fear of costs should never prevent a person from accessing hospice care.

Hospice serves anyone with a life-limiting illness, regardless of age or type of illness.

Hospice serves people of all backgrounds and traditions.

The core values of hospice, allowing the patient to be with family, including spiritual and emotional support, treating pain, cut across all cultures.

Research has shown that the majority of Americans would prefer to be at home at the end of life’s journey. Hospice makes this possible for most people.

Hospice serves people living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Hospice patients and families can receive care for six months or longer.

A person may keep his or her referring physician involved while receiving hospice care.

Hospice offers grief and bereavement services to family members and the community.

To get the most out of what hospice offers, it’s better to have care for more than just a few days.