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Angels Grace Hospice brings comfort, dignity and peace to help people with a life-limiting illness live every moment of life to the fullest while providing support for loved ones. We perform hospice care in your home, nursing home or assisted-living community, depending on your individual circumstance.

We believe that exceptional end-of-life care can only happen when highly trained, experienced professionals are dedicated to listening to patients and their families, focused on respecting their ideas, and committed to making a difference.

Our leadership team includes medical social workers and nurses with extensive hospice experience. In fact, over 50% of our nurses are Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurses (CHPN) and our medical director is Certified in Hospice Palliative Medicine. All of our employees are hand-picked to fulfill our vision.

Services for Families and Healthcare Professionals

If you or a loved one are diagnosed with a serious illness, knowing what to do next is never easy and you may be wondering about hospice and palliative care. Hospice and palliative medicine provide medical care and treatment to seriously ill individuals, providing the right care at the right time. Understanding your options for care will help to relieve your anxiety and allow you to make informed decisions to receive the most helpful type of care for you or your loved one.

Learn More About the Different Types of Care Available for Families

Hospice Care
Hospice care is not a place, but rather a philosophy to provide comfort care to patients including medical, emotional and spiritual care focused on quality of life. Hospice provides experienced, compassionate care to patients and their families when faced with a serious, life-limiting illness. Hospice is high-quality medical care given when the focus shifts from curing the illness to providing comfort or when patients choose to not seek aggressive medical care at end of life...
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Palliative Care
Palliative care is specialized medical care that improves quality of life for patients with a chronic or advanced illness. Palliative medicine provides comfort and improves quality of life with a focus on relieving pain, suffering, stress and symptoms of living with a serious illness. Unlike hospice care, palliative therapy is not time-limited and does not require the patient to have a prognosis of six months or less to live.
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The Angels Grace Hospice Team Transcript: So we are a team and everybody has a role and, and the patient has a different relationship with my experiences, everyone on...
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Benefits Of Hospice Transcript: Hospice is covered by Medicare and private insurances. We work on Medicare benefit periods. Once you're deemed eligible for hospice, it's an ongoing...
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Exceptional Hospice & Palliative Care   Transcript: Angels Grace Hospice is very special. The care, the comfort, the compassion that is provided by Angels Grace and its employees, which...
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What is Hospice Care? Transcript: Oftentimes family members will ask, "Why hospice now?" Hospice in...
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What the families of our patients are saying

T, Hickory Hills, IL

I hope you all realize what a difference you make, not just to patients, their families, the facilities, but to people who don’t even know us! I’m proud. T, Hickory Hills, IL

G. Oswego, IL

“I am so impressed at the people who tend to G. and take care of her.” Oswego, IL

Kathy C., Downers Grove, IL

“Kathy C. gives phenomenal hugs.” Downers Grove, IL

Sincerely, S.B., Auora, IL

Dear Angels Grace Hospice Staff, This note is overdue but I want to thank you for your love and care for my beloved mom who resided at the Bickford of Aurora. Ronda, Kathy, Joe and Sandra (volunteer) were so loving and kind to my mom. They recognized that although she may have been confused about the present, she had many interesting and wonderful memories, of the past. They connected with her and got her to share stories of her family history and earlier times in her life. Kathy and Ronda made a point to call me and tell me about their conversations with her. Kathy encouraged me to get her to talk and to ask her questions during this “window of time”. Ronda was always on top of her care needs and responded promptly to any of my concerns. It is with heartfelt gratitude that I thank them. Sincerely, S.B., Auora, IL

Sincerely, J.T., Naperville, IL

Dear Angels Grace Hospice Family, It is with deep gratitude and affection that I write to thank you for your loving care of my mother. It was a sad day when my sister and her husband brought our 97 year old mom to the Springs for the staff of trained caregivers she required. But we soon saw her graduate out of hospice care to become engaged and happy in her new surroundings. As my mom’s Alzheimer progressed and her health faltered, your hospice services became necessary, for the last time. While it was hard to say what Mom knew or was aware of in her last days, she was deeply religious and firm in her faith. If she thought she might have one foot in heaven, she might have read the Angel’s Grace as who would deliver her. Few of my friends were so blessed to see their parents smiling and peaceful in their last days. You were a great comfort for her and later for me and my family at the visitation. Blessings and thanks for your loving care of her! Grateful for your sympathy, sincerely, J.T., Naperville, IL

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