What are the benefits of hospice care?

What are the benefits of hospice care?

 Benefits of Hospice CareFor an individual facing a life limiting illness or disease process, hospice may be the preferred route to go.  Hospice helps provide the care needed when an individual decides they no longer wish to pursue aggressive and/or invasive treatments or it is no longer a viable option.  One of the benefits of hospice care is that the focus shifts on the symptom(s) that need to be treated rather than the root cause.

Benefits of Hospice Myth

A common misconception is that once you are in hospice, symptoms are not treated which is untrue.  For example, if someone presents with all the symptoms of a urinary tract infection, rather than completing a UA/ CNS, hospice could provide an oral antibiotic to treat the symptoms of the urinary tract infection.  The focus turns from looking at lab or test results, to what is the patient presenting with symptom wise (foul smelling urine, fever, increased confusion are a few examples).

Hospice care provides relief of a variety of symptoms such as nausea and/or vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, pain, shortness of breath, anxiety, and excessive secretions while providing gentle, calming care that preserves an individual’s dignity and are treated with the respect they deserve.  The goal is to remain comfortable while using non-invasive measures as described above.

Hospice care is also able to provide the necessary tools in order to care for someone who’s health is failing such as equipment:

  • hospital bed
  • oxygen
  • commode
  • wheel chair
  • specialized mattresses
  • skin care supplies for incontinence such as diapers, wipes, and skin barrier creams to to keep the patient clean, tidy, and feeling fresh.

Hospice’s goal and benefit is to provide your loved one with the dignity, respect, and care needed to keep your loved one comfortable for their final days, however long that may be.

Hospice Care Team

We at Angels Grace Hospice are able to achieve the best care possible by our interdisciplinary team including:

  • a case manager (registered nurse)
  • health aides to provide personal care such as bathing/changing ect
  • social workers
  • chaplain services

We want to be sure to support not only the patient, but the families we serve in the process.  After someone dies, we also offer bereavement services for up to a full year to be sure our families are being supported through the process.  We acknowledge that this is a difficult time for both patient and family/friends, and we want to be sure all feel the support as this journey unfolds.  We want you to feel supported  and know you are not alone with Angels Grace Hospice at your side.

Is there a fee for a hospice consultation?

A common question is there a fee to have my loved one evaluated for hospice services?  The answer is no.  In order for our team to be able to complete an evaluation of an individual, we simply would need an order from a doctor stating “hospice evaluation and treat”.  This allows the nurse to complete both a physical and chart review of the person considering hospice care. At no point are families under any obligation to have the evaluation completed.  We also can provide an informational consultation that does not require a physician’s order, but the nurse would not have access to an patient’s medical chart that is necessary to complete a full evaluation.  In either instance, there are no fees to have this performed.  We are always happy to answer any questions about hospice so that one can make an informed decision about a loved one’s care.  At Angels Grace Hospice, we are here to serve you!

At Angels Grace Hospice, in Bolingbrook, IL we provide customized care plans specific to each of patients and their families.  We provide end-of-life care at home, hospitals, skilled nursing homes or assisted-living facilities depending on individual circumstances.  Contact us with any questions and for further assistance with your end of life care options.