When A Loved One Needs Hospice Services

When A Loved One Needs Hospice Services

when a loved one needs hospice servicesWhen a loved one needs hospice services, you may experience your loved one needing more help with their activities of daily living. This may cause frustration, fear, and anxiety for your loved one and the family members. Angels Grace Hospice can help their patients and loved ones navigate this time by providing resources and education to the patient and family regarding options that may improve their quality of life.

Advice from a Social Worker About Hospice Services

If a person has a loved one who has been diagnosed with a life limiting illness, declining and has made a decision to involve hospice services, they have already been through some type of process with their health care provider. This process can be described as going through certain stages of advanced illness management for a life limiting illness, with the help of hospice, leads to the ultimate acceptance of physical and psychosocial decline.

When first diagnosed with a life limiting illness, the patient or family may be hoping for a cure. If there is no cure available, the patient or family may find that a shift takes place and they are now hoping for a treatment to improve the quality of life. This is hospice care.

From Cure to Treatment to Palliative Care to Hospice Comfort Care

If the illness progresses and treatment is no longer an option, many individuals will then choose hospice for their end of life care. This process, from cure to treatment to palliative care to hospice comfort care, reflects a progression which ultimately, in the final phase of life, works towards improving the patient’s quality of life.

Angels Grace Hospice can assist with comfort care, symptom relief through pain management and assistance from our trained health care providers who are specifically there to attend to their needs, either in their own home or in a facility. Hospice care can provide a tremendous amount of relief for the patient and family. It is at this time when the individual or family needs more assistance and support that hospice staff can be very helpful and comforting.

Hospice social workers are part of an interdisciplinary team focused on assisting the patient and the family with establishing goals for the end of  life experience. The hospice social worker helps the patient and their loved ones through the end of life care by providing anticipatory guidance and education on what might come next. Hospice social workers are highly skilled and specialized professionals who focus on the psychosocial aspect of end of life care not only for the patient but also for those who love them.

Angels Grace Hospice brings comfort, dignity and peace to patients and their families through quality hospice care services and support.  We help patients to live during end of life stages with dignity.  Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive services and family support through exceptional hospice care.