What Does a Nurse Case Manager Do

My name’s Rhonda Gordon. I am a nurse case manager. We are basically in charge of the care for our patients across the board. We coordinate the care of the social worker, the chaplain, and we manage the physical care for our patients, and we also manage the, uh, nurses aides. It’s a team approach. We rely on our team members. We have a chaplain, we have a social worker, we have volunteers. There are so many times that people come on to hospice and they’re so afraid that their families are fearful. They don’t know what the future holds. And so what we’re able to do is walk with them down that path, take the journey with them. We’re able to use our whole team to listen to them, to educate, and then they’re not so afraid, and they’re just so thankful. But it’s such a humbling experience for us.

We all feel that, you know, the end of life is a sacred time. And then it’s such an honor for us to be able to take care of people at that time and be allowed into their home, into their intimate circle with their family, that we often feel we become part of the family. And that’s how they look at us. You know, what we try to do in hospice is personalized. What does a good death mean to you? We can even ask our patient, our families, “What does that mean to you?” Most of them, it’s not being in pain, it’s not being afraid, it’s being in familiar surrounding it’s, if it’s having their loved ones around them and just kind of easing out and just very peacefully passing from this world to the next and most of the time we’re able to achieve that for our patients.