Most people want to pass at home

Most people want to be at home. When I mean home, they want to feel comfortable, right? So many of our folks may be in a facility or a nursing home, but the idea of they are not alone. And so hospice is there to support the patient. They’re maybe, they’re supporting a staff member at a facility they’re supporting an aunt or a niece. We have lots of people that constitute the patient’s care. So hospice social work, the psychosocial component of that is geared towards really figuring out who are the people affected, who are the loved ones? What is it that you are there to promote and support and what is it that they need? And in that way, it’s, it’s patient centered, right? You don’t come there. Hospice typically takes a back seat to helping the system, the family system, the caregiving system, figure out what needs to happen here. So that the task of the goal, which is a peaceful passing is achieved.