Experience of an Angels Grace Hospice Social Worker

Experience of an Angels Grace Hospice Social Worker

I have had the privilege to impact many lives through the developmental lifecycle during my social work career. My career began as an Adolescent Substance Abuse Counselor working with teens and families in individual group and family therapy.

Moving away from teens and into the young adult/adult world, I was able to impact lives in the criminal justice system as a Probation Officer. Helping those that needed encouragement and support to learn to follow the rules of society.

Family hugging

As my life evolved and I was ready to begin a family of my own, I needed a work-life balance. It was during this time in my career that I was able to take a job as a Professor of Social Work at the University level. Taking this new path allowed me to  teach skills, knowledge and values of the Social Work profession to students who needed to learn this in order to follow their passion of changing the world. 

All of these prior experiences have led me to Angels Grace Hospice.

I will forever be grateful to my former student and now colleague/boss Veronica Reszke for paving the road for me to become a Social Worker at Angels Grace. It is here that the culmination of my experiences has helped me to understand and be able to use the mantra that I preach day in and day out.

“We must meet patients and families where patients and families are; not where we think they should be”.

We at Angels Grace come into people’s lives at one of the most vulnerable times. Gaining rapport and trust are keys to being able to provide our patients and patient families with our goals of comfort and dignity. Day in and day out our team at Angels Grace work hard together to help people live with dying.  

~ Angels Grace Hospice Social Worker