BREAKING NEWS: Landmark study on hospice cost savings!

Dear Hospice Advocate,

NHPCO and the Hospice Action Network have some big news to share- the publication of a new study in Health Affairs by Dr. Amy Kelley from the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. Dr. Kelley’s research shows what we in the hospice world have known for years- that hospice care provides better quality care at the end of life, while saving Medicare money. This is big news for the hospice community!

HAN has set up a web page with links to the Health Affairs article, some key findings, and a press release about the study.

Hospice Advocates, 2013 is going to be an active year for hospice- a tightening federal budget and the possibility of entitlement reform will continue to drive the discourse here in Washington. This article proves the value of hospice to patients we serve, as well as our value in saving the federal government precious Medicare dollars. We encourage you to use it in all of your advocacy efforts and interactions with your elected officials. Together we can make a difference for hospice!