Meet Esi Sey, Chaplain

Meet Esi Sey, Chaplain

“I prayed that I will always, always be a vessel to be able to bless my families and patients with spiritual comfort.”
~ Esi Sey Chaplain

Esi Sey started at Angels Grace in August of 2015. Before arriving, she worked with about 3 or 4 hospice companies, but she loves it here because of the special relationship between the staff, and people who like to work with end-of-life patients and make them feel comfortable.

She works with different religions, but mostly Christian denominations. She can provide Holy Communion for Protestants and anoint them. For Catholics, she will get a priest for that.

In the end, she will make sure that the body is treated in a dignified manner.

“I see hospice as my parish, assessing each situation to see what is meaningful to the person or to the family. Once you get to know what is meaningful in life to them on their journey, what they use to practice their religion is what I use to bless them. For example, if they use scripture, prayer or music, I will facilitate that.”

This is a special calling, a “ministry” for her even though it’s not a church. She hopes she can always be there to help people with spiritual comfort.