Interview with Jasmin

Interview with Jasmin

Jasmin Aguilar

JasminIt takes a special person to be a CNA and I have the incredible opportunity every day to work alongside our very own Jasmin Aguilar. Jasmin began her career in 2012 and has been with Angels Grace Hospice for the past seven years. Taking care of others started at an early age for Jasmin. She recalls even as a child in all her activities of ballet, dance, gymnastics that whenever a child was hurt, she was always the first to help. This compassion towards others resonated throughout her childhood and became her path for her career now.

What was fascinating to learn about my co-worker was how much she enjoys her one-on-one time with each and every patient. Jasmine loves to make sure that each and every day her patients not only feel their best but also look their best.

“It always makes me smile when I see how happy my patients are. I would do anything for each and every one of my patients that I have the pleasure of caring for.”

Jasmin and Terry have two beautiful children; their son Jayden and daughter Adriana. Jasmin and Terry are raising their kids with the same values of compassion and love that she exemplifies in her everyday work life. When asked to share words that she lives by, she shared the following: Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.

By Deirdre Schultze-Czajkowski, Director – Business Development