Angels Grace is working to provide more volunteer opportunities for the community to engage with our patients. Here is where we will be posting updates and stories of their experiences.

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Ann’s Mall Visit

Krista is a Direct Patient volunteer, providing regular friendly visits to our hospice patients. She was matched with our patient Ann, who was a resident of a nursing facility. Krista visited Ann regularly, and they enjoyed some great conversations. As the Christmas season approached, Ann confided in Krista that she really missed being able to go to the mall and see the Christmas decorations.


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With the help of our Foundation, Krista was able to take Ann on a trip to the mall. Since Ann used a wheelchair, special transportation was arranged for them to the mall, where they enjoyed looking at everything, and then had lunch. The van then brought them back to the facility. Ann really enjoyed this outing, and her family members said she talked about how much fun she had.  Krista was very happy to be able to make some Christmas memories with Ann.

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